Rent free gas bottles , Welding gas , Balloon gas , Beer gas , Argon , CO2 , CO2/Argon , Nitrogen , Oxygen
Rent free gas bottles , Welding gas , Balloon gas , Beer gas , Argon , CO2 , CO2/Argon , Nitrogen , Oxygen


Adams bottled gas stockist


You pay a one off bottle deposit & keep the bottle as long as you like.

When you need more gas, the gas is all you need to pay for.

We keep the bottles in stock and can deliver to your door for a small fee. Or you are welcome to collect.



Argon & Co2 mix for welding

We are hobby gas suppliers who offer a range of RENT FREE 9L hobby gas cylinders to our customers across the UK. At Adams Gas you will find quality gas products as well as a large quantity of choice in regards to size and gas mixtures. Unlike many other companies, our hobby gas is available to purchase without the continual rent that can be charged by many other welding gas suppliers.


We provide a wide range of Argon gas bottles in a variety of different sizes so whatever your requirements we are certain to have the gas solutions for you.


Argon is suitable for most TIG welding applications. However, it is commonly used in the welding process between aluminium and stainless steel. Our specialist welding gases will help you to weld perfectly each and every time you use it.

Co2 For Hydroponics

Adams gas offer a range of RENT FREE food grade Co2 gas bottles, perfect for hydroponics, plant and aquatic plant growth.


We can provide Co2 gas bottles in 1.5kg, 3.15kg, 6.35kg, 15kg and even 34kg cylinders. Our food grade Co2 cylinders can be used in a number of industries and uses.

Co2 for cellar

Adams Gas offer cost effective solutions for all small, medium and large businesses looking for a better bottled beer, pub and cellar gas services.


If you are lucky enough to have a home bar, we can provide you with the beer gas that you need to provide quality beverages. As part of our cellar gas service we can provide a mix of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen mix cylinders. All of our specialist gas cylinders are easy-to-use and safe to handle; they are tested extensively before being released for sale.





Co2 for Paintball & air rifles

Adams Gas offer a range of RENT FREE paintball Co2 tanks, perfect for most paintball and air rifle requirements. We can provide paintball Co2 tanks in 1.5kg, 3.15kg, 6.35kg, 15kg and even 34kg tanks and can be used in a number of industries and uses.


Please note that you can get up to 1056 shots per kilogram of CO2, approximately, when using a paintball gun and there are 35.2 Ounces to the Kilogram.


We can also supply paintball cylinder refill kits and filling equipment for your own cylinders.



Helium & balloons

Adams Gas is a Helium and latex balloon supplier. We stock bottled Helium in various sizes and a range of latex balloon packs in a variety of sizes and colours. We can also supply balloon inflator adaptors to fit our bottles.

Nitrogen for motorsport

Adams Gas Oxygen free Nitrogen can be used in motorsport for tyre inflation & shock absorbers due to the fact it does not expand when it heats up. It can also be used to purge air conditioning systems as it does not carry moisture.



Please get in contact and discuss your gas requirements, phone 07906 228825 to speak to us today.


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